Dentistry in our day

Dentistry today offers solutions to more oral and dental health problems by means of technological progresses and increase of variety of treatment.

Even if progresses such as benefits of laser systems in treatments, edentation problems solved with implant method, tooth coating developed by means of aesthetic approaches and prosthesis tooth implementations, adaptation of imaging systems to dentistry as they improved, effective sterilization facilities are not known by the patients, dentistry became one of the most rapidly- developing areas of the medicine.

  • Dental radiology

    Dental radiology

    X-rays help the dentists to diagnose problems of teeth and jaws. Decay, loss of bone and problems in the root canal not distinguished at the examination can be detected easily with dental radiography.

  • Orthodontics


    Orthodontics is the specialty of the dentistry concerned with the correction of tooth irregularity and lower and upper jaw.

  • Laminate Veneer

    Laminate Veneer

    If you are not pleased with the color, shape or size of your teeth and want to have a beautiful smile.

  • Implant


    Implant is a "root device" placed within the bone of jaw replacing the natural teeth lost for any reason.

Dental Turizm
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