It is the infection occurring   depending on surgery, prosthesis implementation surrounding implant or tissues around implant and losing bone losses in surrounding tissues. Tissues form infection to protect themselves as bacteria accumulate. This causes to bone loss. It may be said that it is the main factor for implant losses. Treatment is possible when it is diagnosed earlier.

If there is movement in crown on implant, this may arise from two reasons.

1- Screw fixing abutment where implant and porcelain on implant places became loose. The problem is solved if this screw is tightened.

2 -Implant actuated. This means loss of implant. 

Can Peri-implantitis be treated?

Various methods are used for treatment of Peri-implantitis.

The main aim of this procedure is to remove unwanted inflamed tissues surrounding implant and if necessary forming new support bone tissue and extending life of implant.

The most successful method for peri-implantitis treatment is Erbium: Yag Laser systems. Inflammation tissues are decontaminated in the best way and selectively by means of this laser known as hard tissue laser. More importantly, it is known as the best method decontamination of implant surface from bacteria in full and not posing risk for the implant in the long-term without damaging implant surface.

If these conditions are met adequately, inflammation of tissue surrounding implant (Peri-implantisis) can be treated without damaging bone.

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