Treatment of bad breath

Bad breath, halitosis is described as the bad or unpleasant odor originating in the mouth or extra oral. Your dentist helps you to determine the reason of bad breath. If the reason originates in the mouth, necessary treatment is planned to eliminate your problem by your dentist.

Mostly bad breath originates in the mouth (90%). Other reasons include gastrointestinal or upper respiratory tract diseases. In addition to this, bad breath especially in the morning may occur in children depending on enterozoa. Some systemic disease (e.g. diabetes) may lead to bad breath.

Reason of intra-oral odor are as follows:

1. Odorous food

2. Tooth decay

3. Periodontal (gingiva and surrounding bone tissue)

4. Pertinent desert mouth

5. Smoking

6. Insufficient oral hygiene (bad care)

Tooth brushing, floss, mouthwashes, chewing gum masks the odor temporarily. Without regular oral care, food residuals accumulate between teeth, on tongue and gingiva and remain in the mouth, and create odor. If prosthesis is not cleansed well, it will cause to bad odor.

Bad breath is the most important indicator of deterioration of periodontal health. Abscess formation has great effect on it. Please consult our doctors about these issues.

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