Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery covers removal of cystic structures linked to teeth and mouth in addition to all impacted teeth by surgical operations and corrections of hard and soft tissues of mouth to help prosthesis. Moreover, jaw fracture and root apex resection operations are carried out. 

Impacted tooth treatment

The reason of wisdom tooth is that as we grow older, our chin becomes smaller and so we don’t need this tooth genetically. Since your wisdom teeth cannot find place fo eruption, impacted tooth problem occurs. In addition to this, eye teeth can remain impacted in jaw bone. Impacted teeth may lead to disorder of tooth sequence. This is eliminated with orthodontics treatment in the cases to be corrected. If this is not possible, the tooth should be pulled out. 


Dental implants are the artificial tooth roots prepared with special materials to replace the missing teeth. Implants are placed in jaw bone with a simple operation.

It can be applied to eliminate one missing tooth without touching adjacent sound teeth, more than one missing teeth with fixed bridges via implants instead of removable prosthesis, in the event of full missing teeth, it can be used for fixed prosthesis instead of removable prosthesis (palate) and eliminating any kinds of edentation and deficient functions. 

Abscess and cyst operations

Cases that apical resection operation is carried out:

Non-full performance of canal therapy due to structure of tooth root or deformation,

Non-performance of canal therapy due to a restoration not to be removed on the tooth,

Cyst in tooth root,

In cases that pain of the patient continues in spite of canal therapy,

In cases that 1/3 end part of tooth root in the bone breaks.

Main purpose of the contemporary dentistry is to prevent tooth loss. Now dentists do their best to keep natural teeth in the mouth. Even if the loss of a tooth may lead to negative changes for general dental health and look.

If you are examined by your specialist doctor once every 6 month with your panoramic X-ray, such harmful cysts may be diagnosed in time and losses may be prevented.

Jaw deformities

Some deformities may occur in face and jaw as a result of both accidents and diseases. Dissonance of maxilla and submaxilla for each other and face may lead to many functional discomforts and also aesthetic discomfort. However, thanks to the advancing technology, such inconsonance can be corrected very easily and therefore these are not discomforting cases any more.

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