Tooth extraction

Why are teeth extracted?

Today by means of contributions of scientific and technological progress to the science of dentistry, it is aimed to treat the tooth firstly and keep it in the mouth and in some cases, tooth extraction is performed to protect health of the patient or for treatment planning. We can summarize these as follows:

• Teeth not recovered because of being very decayed or material loss

• Teeth broken as a result of crashing as not to be treated.

•  Abscess teeth not recovered in spite of canal therapy- loose teeth because of progressed gingivitis

• Milk teeth not erupted in time

• Teeth causing problem due to excessive location change (turning, overturning, etc)

• Teeth in cyst or tumour

• Impacted and trouble maker teeth

• Some teeth can be extracted although they have no problems but extracted for the purpose of helping orthodontic treatment due to space narrowness

What should we pay attention to after extraction?

• Pad on the extraction area should be kept for half an hour.

• Then pad should not be put again if not necessary, clot formed should not be damaged.

• Avoid gargling with water

• Avoid eating anything for two hours after extraction and then prefer warm things and avoid very hot or cold food.

• Do not smoke for 24 hours. Smoking may lead to damage of clot or inflammation of of wound. This case called dry socket may lead to pain for a long time.

• Avoid alcoholic drink for 24 hours.

• Avoid touching extraction area in any ways, avoid sucking and spitting

• Never use the wound for 24 hours.

• If you have pain, do not prefer drug other than aspirin, if possible consult the doctor for it. 

• Extraction area should be kept clean. Prevent filling leftovers in the wound. 24 hours after the extraction, the area should be brushed with a soft toothbrush. Warm salty water gargle can be used. 

• In the event of slight leaking, 6-24 hours of bleeding is considered as normal. However, if there is excessive bleeding or this time is exceeded, consult the dentist absolutely.

• Similarly, in the event of long-lasting pain panicula, advise it to the dentist.

•  For the bleeding in the form of leak, wetted tea bag can be placed in the wound by wrapping it with gauze bandage. Cushioning in this way for some time may be beneficial since some substances in the tea have the haemostatic feature.

What can we do after the epithelising?

Banding, prosthesis or implant should be applied to the cavity pro re nata. Missing teeth may lead to digestive problems and also position defectiveness in teeth adjacent to the tooth extracted (inclination, tilting, etc.) and chewing problems accordingly.

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