İmplant Vidası

Implant is the artificial tooth roots placed within the jaw bone for the natural teeth missing for any reason. They are usually made of titanium the most compatible material with the body tissues and being the least allergic and leading to least reaction. The purpose of implant is to ensure easier use and better aesthetic for the patients in the event of missing teeth. It is implemented by surgical methods. Implant (Screw) is attached to the jaw with an operation performed under local anaesthesia and lasting for about 30-60 minutes. Implant can be applied for every case if there are sufficient bones to place implant for one or more than one missing teeth or full missing teeth. In the event of insufficient bones, it is ensured by advanced surgical techniques that sufficient bones form and then implants are applied.

Cases of implant

• Cases that one or more than one missing teeth and teeth next to the maxillary sinus are not cut for the banding,
• When the tooth at backmost of the jaw is missing and therefore cases that banding is not possible. Since most of the patients do not want to use removable (removable/hooked) prosthesis, implant is performed and implant-supported porcelain bridge being more useful can be used.
• In the cases that total (palate) prosthesis is not possible for edentoluous patients or the patient does not want. In this case, implant is placed in every jaw and prosthesis in various styles are applied to these implants.

What is the treatment stage for carrying out implant procedure?

İmaplant Yerleştirilmesi

Implant treatments comprise of two stages. Surgical stage and superstructure stage. After implants are placed with surgical method, average 2 to 4 months pass. This waiting time is the time necessary for bonding of implant called “oesteointegration” with jaw bone biologically. Following this time, superstructure (prosthesis) stage being the second stage is completed within average one week.

Will I have pain while placing implant?

Dental implants are placed within the bone of jaw under local anaesthesia. For this reason, you don’t feel pain during operation. You may feel slight pain when the sense of anaesthesia ends 3-4 hours after the operation. The level of this pain may vary by the person and also it is not intolerable. Your doctor will recommend you pain killer to reduce these pains.

What is the advantage of implants?

Elimination of any kinds of total or partial edentation

Opportunity of fixed prosthesis instead of removable prosthesis

Performing deficient functions (chewing, smiling and phonation, etc.)

Elimination of one missing tooth without touching adjacent sound teeth

Implant placed successfully and used in accordance with hygiene rules has long service life

To whom is the implant placed? What is the limitation?

The implant can be applied to adults puberty period of whom ends, healthy persons, individuals with diabetes but being under control, individuals structure of jaw bone is of proper quality and quantity without the upper age limitation.  Individuals having the capacity of normal wound healing, patients having the mentality to provide proper oral hygiene, patients with the healthy sufficient bones or having the potential of achieving sufficient quantities can be subject to implant treatment easily.

The habit of clenching teeth, some parameters such as smoking or not should be assessed by our doctor separately.

 For which cases is the implant carried out?

- single missing tooth

- A few missing teeth

- Total edentation

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