Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the correction of tooth irregularity and lower and upper jaw. By means of orthodontics treatment you may have a healthier mouth, more impressive look and teeth that will not leave you for a long time. The dentist working in this branch is called orthodontist. 

Orthodontic treatment

Treatment to be carried out for the purpose of moving teeth, affecting enlarging of muscles and jaw. These treatments are carried out by imposing very slight force on teeth or jaw. Method of treatment is determined as per the seriousness of your problem.

Fixed applications are as follows: 

• Bracket:  bracket being the most common method is applied by use of wires, brackets and bands. Brackets are attached to the teeth, wires are passed through brackets and force is applied. So teeth are moved gradually and smooth positioning is ensured. Treatment may last for a few months or years and adjusting is carried out every month and teeth can be corrected as desired.

Brackets used today contain lighter and less metals.

• Special fixed implementations: Apparatus used for recovery of habit of thumb sucking is attached to tooth with tapes. Since they are not very comfortable while eating, it is recommended to use them as the final option.
• Fixed retainers: retainer is used in the cases that milk teeth are lost earlier and shift of other teeth towards to cavity until the permanent tooth erupts is prevented.

Removable apparatus are as follows: 

• Aligners (treatment without bracket): It is recommended by many orthodontists as an alternative to fixed treatment for adults with bracket for the purpose of align teeth since bracket and wires are not present. Aligners are generally transparent and removed for eating, brushing teeth and using dental floss.

• Removable retainers: they have the same function as the fixed retainers. They comprise of an acrylic base on the jaw and fill the gap between certain teeth with plastic or wires.

• Apparatus designed to position the jaw again: this apparatus called as splint is placed on submaxilla or maxilla and helps to shut off the chin at a better position. It is used to correct temporamandibular joint disorders.

• Lip and cheek bumper:  It is an appliance pushing teeth back, preventing lip and cheek to rolling into teeth. Lip and cheek muscles can apply force to teeth and bumpers prevent this force.

• Jaw enlarger: It is an appliance ensuring enlarging of maxilla. It is made of a plastic material seating on the palate. By means of force applied with screws, bone under the palate is opened by moving.

• Removable enhancer: It is the passive apparatus to protect the position of teeth following treatment and to prevent changing back. It is modified a little and can be used to quit thumb sucking habit.

• Headgear: It is an appliance attached to the front part of the head with a band and metal wire placed at the back of head. Headgear slows the development of maxilla and hold back teeth in place and enables front teeth to go backwards.

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