Dentures are false teeth prepared with artificial materials to replace missing teeth of the patient for different reasons. Both aesthetic look of the patient is preserved and teeth maintain the functions such as chewing and speaking by means of denture application.

Dentures are used as a result of bone or tooth loss in the cases that gingival disease cannot be treated or it is too late to treat. The fact that individuals not regarding oral health adequately lose their healthy and natural teeth affects their daily lives adversely. It is important to give teeth having an important part in speaking and chewing functions while eating back to the patient.  The patient may have problems in terms of aesthetic image due to lost teeth. This image distortion damages the self-confidence.

Use and types of dentures

Dentures may be used in different forms for the purpose and as per the requests of the person. Types of dentures include fixed dentures, removable dentures, total dentures, partial dentures, sensitive retainer dentures and dentures on implant. 

Fixed denture: patients cannot place and remove it at any time. Fixed dentures are the prosthesis type applied by adhering to the chin as crown-bridge. Renewal, removal of this prosthesis can be carried out by the specialist dentists. 

Removable denture: the patient can remove and place this prosthesis whenever he wants. It is applied mostly when all teeth are lost. The elderly people use removable dentures highly. Removable dentures comprise of two components and lower (mandibular) and upper (maxillary). 

Total denture: total denture is applied when the patient has no teeth. It is known as full prosthesis. Total denture is not only remedy for the patient losing all teeth. 

Partial denture: It is applied to the place of a few teeth missing. Dentures are fixed to the mouth with retainers such as nail or hood in partial prosthesis implementation.

Sensitive retainer denture: It is applied to the patients with partial missing teeth.

Dentures on implant: Such dentures are divided into two as fixed and removable. For the fixed denture, crown or bridges are done with the support from implant. Removable denture is supported by the implant when bones are not sufficient.

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