Filling technology

What is the complaint due to tooth decay?

• Toothache (Especially after consuming hot, cold, sweet food and drinks)
• Cavity and troughs on tooth
• Tooth abscess
• Tooth breaking
• Tooth sensitivity
• Not chewing on the tooth 

Treatment of tooth decays

Tooth decays can be diagnosed in early period with routine oral examination. Dental x-ray film helps to diagnose the interface decays. Dental tissue losing one time does not form again however, progressing may stop with treatment and lost tissue can be restored with filling materials. The main purpose of the treatment is to preserve the tooth and improve complaints. Ideally, the best way to prevent tooth decay is to learn the correct oral hygiene. Early treatment of tooth decay is easier and cheaper than treatment of progressed decay. Local anaesthesia may be used to prevent feeling pain while cleaning the decay. 

Types of filling

There are 3 types of fillings as amalgam, composite and porcelain. 


It is the alloy of mercury with silver, copper and tin. This mixture used routinely in the past is given up slowly due to aesthetic concerns.

Advantages of amalgam filling

• More cost-efficient than other fillings

• Easy to implement

• Resistant to chewing forces

• Prevents decay formation mostly under the filling. 


Composite fillings comprise of different materials. Shape can be given plastically and it is hardened by ultraviolet (UV) beam. It is the reason why it is called beam filling by public. 

Advantages of composite filling 

Teeth remaining in mouth with only porcelain coating with composite fillings in the past can display a very aesthetic look without coating now.

• The application is completed at one session.

•  Since excessive material does not need to be removed from tooth before placing filling, hard tissue does not get lost.

• Even very small cavities can be covered. 


Perfect look, aesthetic smile is achieved with porcelain fillings having longer service life, being healthier and aesthetic. Porcelain fillings replacing amalgam fillings are produced with the leading edge technologies and give the opportunity of aesthetic smile free of problems for long years.

Porcelain fillings are the filling method applied to protect healthy dental tissue of the patient for whom crown application is necessary by minimizing the whole tooth and that material loss is quite high. It is preferred to amalgam fillings since it is more aesthetic and useful. 

 Advantages of porcelain filling

• It is of long service life and durable
• Renewal time is very long
• Highly aesthetic
• Hardness of the material is very close to the hardness of enamel
• Quite resistant to chewing forces in molar teeth comparing to composite fillings
• It has perfect tooth matching since it is prepared at laboratory after measuring when the cavity is prepared 

Why do the fillings break?

There are many reasons for the fillings’ breaking. These include defected material use, misuse by the patient, wrong indication of the doctor, wearing of filling and resistance of the material (Composite, amalgam).

When filling breaks, it may sometimes be repaired. You should see your dentist to make use of it.

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