Dental Radiology

Radiographic examination is the essential method used for diagnosis, treatment planning and post-treatment control in all branches of dentistry. X-ray allows us see non-distinguished areas in the visual examination.

What is dental radiology?

X-ray is useful for the presence and severity of tooth decays, damage of bone due to periodontal disease, tooth abscess, entrapped tooth, breaking in jaw bone and of tooth and other deformities of jaw bone.

Areas of use of dental radiology

• It allows us recognize decay and crack under the filling or other damages

• Loss of bone due to gingival disease may be noted via X-ray

• It is useful and necessary for the dentist for preparing and placing implant, orthodontic treatment and dentistry works

• It is used for detecting changes with cyst, oral cancers and metabolic and systemic diseases

• Dental growth and development of the child is monitored by means of X-rays.

• Problems of root canal such as infection or dead nerve can be seen via X-ray.

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