Laser assisted dentistry

Laser is a unit generating strong light beam amplitude of which is high, single-color, highly flat, intense and in the same-phase parallel waves. Laser comprises of the initials of '' light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation''. It means amplification of the light by stimulated emission.


Diode, Nd:YAG, Er:YAG and Er, Cr:YSGG lasers are used in the practice of dentistry.

Diode lasers are used for soft tissue surgery, canal disinfection and bleeding control.

Nd: YAG lasers are used for canal disinfection, treatment of dentin sensitivity and bleeding control.

Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG lasers can be used for both hard tissue surgery and soft tissue surgery. 


It is possible with Er:YAG lasers to clean decay at the nerve of the tooth without anaesthesia.

Advantages of cleaning decay with Er:YAG lasers are as follows:

• painless.

• No anaesthesia.

• Selective. Only decayed tissue is cleaned. Surrounding healthy tissues are not affected

• Silent.

• No vibration.

• No pressure in tooth surface.

• Bactericide.

• No heat transmission to Pulp ( dental nerve).

• Formation of repair dent is observed at week 2. This may extend to 6 weeks for classic freezing operation.

Pressure, noise and heat increase pain perception of the patients. Since 3 factors are eliminated while cleaning the decayed surface with laser, patient comfort increases.

Similar results are observed in the studies conducted with people from different cultures in different areas of the world. While 80% of patients decayed tooth of whom is cleaned without anaesthesia did not feel any pain, 70% of the same patients indicate that they will prefer laser in the next treatments.


Areas of use of Er:YAG lasers:

• Laser assisted periodontology

• Elimination of dentin sensitivity

• Opening implant upper parts without a second surgery

• Treatment of cases of Periimplantitis (infections of gingiva around implant and bone)

• Cleaning cavity

• Surface preparation for fissure cover

• Preparation of retentive surface for inlay, onlay, lamina

• Bone growth, impacted wisdom tooth, any kinds of operations of jaw bone such as apical resection

• Any kinds of soft tissue operations ( frenectomy , gingivectomy ,hood isolation)

• Alveolitis (infection in socket following pulling out)

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