White alloy zirconium is used as the background in zirconium systems instead of metal different from classic metal bridges. This state of the art technology product is the single material offering aesthetic and resistance all in one. The biggest advantage of the system is the high resistance and fully aesthetic look in the bridges at the back.

Zirconium background porcelain coating stands out among other dental materials with biological compatibility and fracture resistance. It does not cause to gingiva problems and allergy and with the feature of being light permeable, it allows us gain function and aesthetic close to the natural teeth.

Computer-aided applications allow us have teeth and smile desired with zero error while many techniques design the smile of the person. 

What is CAD-CAM the construction technique in zirconium?

CAD-CAM (computer aided design-computer design-computer aided manufacturing)

Means new design of teeth via computer. Individuals not pleased with appearance of teeth and smile can have natural teeth and smile they desire with this advanced technology porcelain systems.

Restoration of teeth is designed by the dentist and technician in computer environment and teeth are created by the porcelain columns prepared specially with computerized milling. Porcelain used in this system comprises of crystal or zirconium so perfect aesthetic quality and naturalness is achieved. 

Areas of use of zirconium

Used for single tooth crown restorations, 3-6 members bridges each and crown-bridge on the implant. 

Advantages of zirconium

• Ceramic placed on zirconium-oxide background reduces the adherence ratio of food residues and microorganism to tooth surface. Thus, good oral hygiene is ensured.

• Zirconium oxide does not transmit heat, when you eat hot and cold food, no sensitivity is felt.

• Zirconium background is prepared by computer-aided CAD CAM system untouched for this reason, its coherence and fitting is perfect.

• It reflects light very well for this reason, it is more aesthetic comparing to metal-supported porcelains

• Zirconium background is gingiva-friendly, does not cause to gingival recession,

• Even if gingival recession occurs due to gingival disease, black line like metal is not seen in gingiva border. Background is of the same color with the tooth.

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