Porcelain fillings

Porcelain inlay-onlay fillings are of superior aesthetic and resistance prepared at laboratory. Inlay-onlay can be implemented to the teeth requiring big filling instead of amalgam and composite filling since it is both aesthetic and sound.

How to implement

The decay is cleansed, cavity is formed in the tooth and size measured from this cavity is sent to the laboratory. Model prepared by a sensitive technology at laboratory is taken to special IPS machine and fillings with perfect aesthetic and function are obtained. Polished porcelain filling is adhered to the cavity with special adhesive when the patient comes for the next session. 

Porcelain fillings were developed to prevent healthy tooth tissue in cases requiring crown implementations having excessive material loss and downsizing the tooth entirely. Since these are more aesthetic and useful, they are preferred to amalgam feelings.

They achieve perfect aesthetic, edge matching and adaptation.

IPS porcelain (Leucide reinforced pressable porcelain) fillings

• Tissue-friendly fillings, these are the materials with the highest biological match.

• Healthy dental tissue is not touched in porcelain filling method.

Moreover, these porcelains are the materials having the closest hardness to the tooth and the best matching material with the gingiva. Since its hardness is close to the enamel,  it does not abrade like composite filling.

It should be used instead of composite filling or crown (Coating) in the event of especially great material losses.

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