Pink aesthetic

The first step of fine, concordant and clean smiling is to ensure the match of tooth and gingiva. Quantity of gingiva seen while we smile affects the look of our teeth. Asymmetric gingiva edges create the impression that our teeth are irregular and smile line is inclined. If our gingiva recesses, our teeth look longer than usual. To eliminate this is possible thanks to gingiva aesthetic implementations. 


In some cases, inflammatory, drug-induced or genetically gingival enlargement can be observed. The operation of cutting soft tissue wall in the regions where deep pockets are present and in the event of these gingival enlargements is called gingivectomy. After this operation, gingiva contours are corrected generally and gingiva gains aesthetic and physiological appearance. 


The procedure stimulating self-building mechanisms of the body and forming glia destructed due to gingival diseases is called regeneration.

When appropriate, tissues affected by the disease are removed and proteins stimulating membrane, bone graft or tissue stimulant are used and create new support structures in gingiva. 

Soft tissue graft

Gingival recession may occur because of many reasons such as hard tooth brushing, nail biting, pencil biting, prosthesis, orthodontics apparatus, aging and gingival diseases. As a result of gingival recession, root surface of teeth becomes apparent. Apparent root surfaces are sensitive to hot and cold food-beverages.

The reasons causing to the disease should be determined and controlled or if possible eliminated. Soft tissue grafts are applied to cover root surfaces or increase gingiva tissue lost due to recession. Gingiva tissue taken from palate or other vendor area of mouth is used as “graft”. This reduces gingival recession and risk of bone loss.

Covering apparent root surfaces prevents decay formation in this area and helps to gain aesthetic appearance. 

Lengthening crown

It is the treatment method used when gingiva covers the teeth highly and teeth are looked as very short in mouth. This case called as “gummy smile” affects your smile.

Excess gingiva tissue is removed by the operation of lengthening crown and bone under it is shaped again and teeth look longer.

Moreover, broken line of the tooth is under the gingiva or there is decay, operation of lengthening crown can be implemented to increase retaining of prosthesis before restorative operations or adjust the gingiva levels.

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