Tooth bleaching

Tooth bleaching is to eliminate colors on teeth and it is a very widely-used procedure. Tooth bleaching can be implemented by the dentist at the office (office bleaching)  and by the patient at home (home bleaching).

While very fast and efficient results can be obtained by tooth bleaching procedure implemented at the office, home bleaching procedure is preferred owing to being cost-efficient. 

Office bleaching:

It is a procedure implemented by the dentist at the clinic and lasts for 45-50 minutes generally. Firstly, your gingiva is protected with a special preservative substance and then bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. By means of a special beam, gel applied is activated and bleaching procedure accelerates. Teeth bleach average 4-5 tones following one-session procedure. 

Home Bleaching:

Transparent private mould covering all teeth is prepared as per the measure to be taken orally for home bleaching procedure. The patient applies bleaching gel prescribed by the dentist to this mould and applies it to his/her teeth periodically. Gel needs to be applied every day regularly and remain for 5-8 hours a day. 

Points to take into consideration for Bleaching procedure: 

1 – Protecting gingiva:

Bleaching gels may irritate gingiva. For this reason, it should not be applied to gingiva. After you place the mould in your mouth at home, if gel overflows to gingiva, overflew gel should be cleaned with wet cotton. For office bleaching, your dentist will use a special foam to isolate gingiva. 

2 – Correct application time:

For home bleaching, application should be performed for time recommended by the dentist and regularly. Otherwise, desired result may not be achieved. 

3- Hot-cold sensitivity:

Hot-cold sensitivity is rarely seen following bleaching. However, it disappears within 1-3 days completely. Bleaching does not lead to any change on enamel. 

4 - Permanency:

Bleaching is a permanent procedure. However, color may regress at the rate of 1*-20% at times of excessive smoking and tea. The patient bleaching teeth is controlled once every 6 month. He/she is directed about dental care. In general, one-time procedure reinforces bleaching.

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