Dental hygiene in children

While your child is 6-8 months old, you should start the cleaning tooth surfaces with a clean muslin or gauze bandage.

It is good to start using toothbrush when back teeth erupt (average 2,5-3 years old). 

It is not easy to get pre-school children applied a technique for tooth brushing. The important thing during these ages is to get them adopt tooth brushing habit. While children brush their teeth, they usually brush visible or easily-accessed surfaces. However, interfaces and chewing surfaces should be cleaned. For this reason, brushing should be carried out under the supervision and with the help of parents till the school age.

Toothbrush of the children should be fit for their age and oral size. Only three-minute efficient brushing after the breakfast and before going bed will be adequate. The habit of tooth brushing like all good habits will be adopted during childhood.

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