First meeting with the dentist

First meeting of children with the dentist is highly important since it can affect the behaviours during dental treatment in the future. The correct time for your child to meet a pedodontist should be after the first teeth erupt. Since the pedodontist (child’s dentist) will apply the correct behaviour directing techniques and make the child love the dental treatment like a game and come to the dental treatment as motivated, it has been proven that the principle of “the earlier, the better” is applicable for the first meeting. 

Play the game of dentist with your child a few days before visiting your doctor. For example, your child will be the dentist and you will be the patient and brush your teeth. 

Tell that dentists have very funny tools and he will introduce them and will want to look at his teeth only. Tooth brushing at home and 2 times a day is very important for making child ready for the dentist visit. By means of tooth brushing his/her teeth will be cleaned regularly and your child will adopt the habit of opening his/her mouth and keeping open for some time. 

Do not talk about negative experiences about your dentist or your relative’s dentist while your child is here.

Provide information about nutrition habits of your child, use of feeder or teat and general condition of the child.

Do not forget that the time for your child to sit stabile as keeping his mouth open at the age of 0-5 may vary between 20-30 minutes. For this reason, try to help your child to concentrate on his/her dentist to communicate with him/her efficiently and successfully.

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