Child dental treatments

Decay and broken teeth

Decayed tooth can be cleansed and treated with filling like the adults. In some cases, the tooth has been so damaged that it cannot be treated with filling. Such teeth can be covered with caps prepared specially for children instead of pulling out and may be kept in mouth for some time. Recently, colored fillings have been produced to make child love the dentist and visit.

Amputation procedure, similar to canal therapy in adults is carried out for deep decayed milk teeth. Canal therapy of permanent teeth is like the procedure applied to adults with minor differences. 

Tooth extraction In some cases, decay goes ahead to lively (nerve-pulp) part of the tooth. Inflammatory condition from dental root to jaw bone occurs. Face of child swells, he/she has severe pain and it is not true to keep this tooth for child’s health. In this case, tooth is extracted. Especially if it is a milk tooth and time of eruption of permanent tooth is about to come, this procedure can be applied. If eruption time of permanent tooth is not about to come, a space maintainer apparatus should be implemented to the place of tooth extracted. 

This decision should be revised again and again for a permanent tooth before extraction and extraction should be considered when there is really no option. After permanent tooth is extracted, if the age of child is fit, orthodontics therapy should start and this gap should be eliminated with other teeth and a correct occlusion relation should be established between maxillary and submaxillary teeth. If a permanent tooth extracted is left, adjacent teeth lean forward to this gap. Tooth opposite the gap extends to the gap and the entire oral balance may deteriorate for only one tooth. 

Toothache of children

Cleanse the surrounding of aching tooth. Enable the child gargle with warm salty water and if any remove stucked food residues with a floss. Never apply aspirin or similar drugs to the tooth. Give pain killer you have tried before and take your child to the dentist as soon as possible.

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